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The Hotel Finder is a Hotel Comparison and Deal Finder. Our mission is to help our visitors find the best Hotel Deals. We work closely with our partners in order to supply the best Hotel offers and deals in the Market. We search the best and latest offers and display them on our site. The Hotel Finder have access to over 1,413,232 properties, and cover 118,478 destinations in 226 countries and territories worldwide and is available in over 40 languages. At, we strive to bring you the best deals and offers on the market from Hotels, Guest houses and any type of accommodation you may be interested in...All the deals displayed on our site are processed and sold by our partners. Whilst we endeavour to list the best offers and deals in the market, the prices and availability may change by the providers in the last minute.

Our Mission

Quality Service

Our mission is to provide our visitors the Best in Class Hotel Deals and offers and fostering a disciplined culture of quality service and trust.


We Hand-pick the best offers and deals in the market at competitve rates for you to choose and make considerable savings. We also create personalised customised deals upon request.


We provide useful holiday guides and Travel tips based on travellers real experiences and we aim to provide travel advice and reviews of top travel destinations so that you can be inspired to kick start your adventures. For more, visit our blogs.

Our Criteria

Value for Money

We select the best value for money deals

Room Service

We select accommodations that are much closer to popular attractions and landmarks.

Gym Facilities

We select Hotels that offer a wide range of Gym facilities.

Parking Facilities

We select properties that have parking facilities

Pets/Guide Dogs

We also select pet-friendly hotels.

No Smoking Policy

We select hotels that operate a non-smoking policy inside rooms.