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Birmingham, England’s second city, is the most underrated city in the UK. Birmingham is packed full of exciting attractions, from a state-of-the-art library to a world-class shopping centre and even Cadbury World - a real-life chocolate factory...
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Jewellery Quarter

The Jewellery Quarter in Birmingham is where visitors can find a community of jewellers, the area is famed for its association with jewellery since the 18th century when goldsmiths and jewellers set up their businesses in the area
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The Bullring

Central to the shopping experience in Birmingham is the Bullring, Birmingham’s largest shopping destination and provides one of the most comprehensive shopping experiences you could wish to have. The Bullring has more than 26 football pitches worth of shops, boutiques and restaurants in the centre of the city. There are a huge variety of shops here, to suit all tastes and budgets, whatever your interest.
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Winterbourne House & Garden

Winterbourne House & Garden is a quiet haven full of beautiful flowers, greenhouses, and an Edwardian house. And while the word ‘bog’ is far from appealing, Moseley Bog was one of the haunts of a young JRR Tolkien – it must be pretty great to inspire the creator of Middle-Earth.
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Striking street art is scattered throughout the area, the neon-paint splattered Ghetto Golf in the Custard Factory is a lot of fun, and impressive clubs like The Mill and Lab11 host huge events throughout the year. Alongside the more obvious spots, a lesser-known highlight is Minerva Works - a creative space with a vintage shop, record store, cares, music venues and art spaces..
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