About Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a British Overseas Territory located on the southern end of Spain facing Morocco from the north across the straight of Gibraltar. It has an area of 6.7 km2 (2.6 sq mi) and shares its northern border with the spanish town of La Línea de la Concepción. The Rock of Gibraltar is home to over 30,000 Gibraltarians and other nationalities.

Flights from UK Airports take approximately 3 hours and are direct. The following airlines operates direct flights to Gibraltar: British Airways and Easyjets and you can fly from London-Heathrow, London-Gatwick, London-Luton, Britstol, Birmingham and Manchester. You can also fly into Malaga Airport or Jerez Airport and take public transport to Gibraltar, but these options are time consuming as there are limited bus services each day and the journey (from Malaga) takes up to three hours.

Gibraltar International Airport (also known as North Front Airport) is the only airport in Gibraltar. Winston Churchill Avenue is the main road heading towards the land border with Spain. This road intersects the airport runway, and has to be closed every time a plane lands or departs. If you are into plane spotting, the area around the airport offers spectacular view of take off and landings in close proximity..

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Facts And Useful Tips

The Upper Rock area of Gibraltar is home to approximately 200 Barbary monkeys. The only wild Monkey population in Europe. The Monkeys are one of the top tourist attractions in Gibraltar and anyone caught feeding them is liable to be fined up to £4,000 The official currency of Gibraltar is the Gibraltar Pound. Both The British Pound and Euro currencies are also used. It is also possible to pay in Euro and get change back in pound or a mixture of British and Gibraltar pound. Note: The Gibraltar pound cannot be used in the UK Though a British Territory, driving in Gibraltar is on the right side like continental Europe No visa is required for UK or European citizens. A valid passport is required in order to cross into Spanish Territory The Border crossing is open to both pedestrians and vehicles and is on most occasions smooth and easy. Border control for pedestrians is both manned and automated so the crossing is fast and efficient

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There are a large number of hotels with stunning views of the rock and the bay at different budgets. Alternatively, for a cheaper option, you can stay at one of the hotels just across the border at la linea dela Conception. I personally stayed at this 4 star hotel Ohtels Campo De Gibraltar, which is located only 5 minute across the border. The hotel overlooks Algeciras Bay. The rooms have balconies which offers spectacular view of the Rock and the Bay. The city center is just 5 minutes walk from the hotel. Car hire is available and there is a currency exchange service. The Hotel also has one of the best-rated locations in La Linea dela Concepcion! This property is also rated for the best value! Guests are getting more for their money when compared to other properties nearby.

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The Monkeys

The Barbary Macaques are indigenous to Morocco and North Africa where only about 7,000 remain in the wild and are endangered. The over 200 macaques in Gibraltar are descendants of various importations from North Africa by British troops, the last one during the 1940s. The Macaques tend to live in groups and are territorials. You will notice different groups as you go up the rock. The ones at the top are more aggressive if approached too close so beware! The best way to get to the top of the rock and view the Monkeys is either via the cable car, mini-bus excursions or by foot, though it will be a very long walk and you will need to be super fit to make it to the top (just joking) Do not touch them: the macaques remain wild animals, albeit they are used to people. However they are certainly not tame. Do not feed them: apart from it being illegal and unnatural foods being bad for them, hand feeding has long-term negative consequences on the macaques Conflict of interest: The macaques do not necessarily enjoy our affection but have simply learnt to be tolerant of people in order to stand a chance of obtaining treats. Food and bags: macaques associate bags with food – be vigilant! Avoid taking bags when going specifically to see them..

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Marine Life: The Dolphins

Dolphin Adventure is the best way to see Gibraltar's dolphins, wild and free, whilst taking in the stunning views of The Rock of Gibraltar, Spain and North Africa. You can book your adventure with this company located near at the Marina Bay. What makes Gibraltar such a special place for marine wildlife is the of its diversity of species. On the boat trips around the bay, you could encounter very friendly short beaked common or striped dolphins which set their home in the bay, groups can vary from 20 to 1000. The dolphins will seen school of dolphins swimming along side the boat and splashing on the water and they do respond to people's cheers indeed! On every trip, you are guaranteed unbeatable frontline viewing at all times. You will have ample room to move around freely with our wide open decks and seating for everyone. With passenger kept comfortable, our crew have the time and space to keep up our trade mark first class service with an in depth commentary sharing with you our wealth of knowledge on the dolphins and Gibraltar's history. Adult Prices:£25 . Children under 12: £12.50. For more details, visit the dolphin adventure site

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Restaurants, Bars, Shops...

The main square in Gibraltar is called Grand Casemates. It is Located at the northern end of Main Street, the square is lined with numerous pubs, bars and restaurants, and acts as the gateway into Gibraltar's city centre for most tourists Fish is a popular staple of Gibraltarian cuisine. There are many specialist Mediterranean and fish restaurants. A further variety of international cuisines can be found along Gibraltar’s stylish marinas. You can find a full list of Restaurant and cafe bars here . Gibraltar is a VAT free jurisdiction so goods sold in Gibraltar offer the best value and the currency is the Gibraltar Pound, equivalent to Sterling, so there is no costly currency conversion for visitors from the United Kingdom. long with the more traditional shops, visitors to Main Street will recognise international high street brands and chains. These sit alongside handicraft and souvenir shops. Best buys include cosmetics and perfumery, jewellery, tobacco and spirits, designer glass frames, specialist linens and electronics. For souvenirs and a taste of local life, head to Casemates Square where you will find local artisan shops and the Gibraltar Crystal Factory, where you can watch the glass blowers at work..

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The WWII tunnels accommodated what amounted to an underground city. The entire 16,000-strong garrison could be housed there along with enough food to last them for 16 months. Within the tunnels there were also an underground telephone exchange, a power generating station, a water distillation plant, a hospital, a bakery, ammunition magazines and a vehicle maintenance workshop. The total length of the entire tunnel network inside the Rock is approximately 34 miles, 52 kilometres A very interesting fact related to the tunnels on the Rock is that they also housed one of Gibraltar s most secret places – Stay Behind Cave, built for Operation Tracer, a plan to maintain a secret observation post manned by six men within the Rock if it had fallen to a German invasion. It was not rediscovered until as recently as 1997. The Great Seage Tunnels: The labyrinth of tunnels known as The Great Siege Tunnels are perhaps the most impressive defence system devised by man. At the end of the Great Siege in 1783, the defeated Commander of the French and Spanish troops, the Duc de Crillon, on being shown the fortifications that had led to the defeat of his troops, commented - These works are worthy of the Romans. . For more details on how to book tours of the Great Siege Tunnels, visit this site..

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Organised Trips To Morocco

With just 8 miles from spain, why not seize the opportunity and take advantage of the geographic proximity to Africa and visit Tangier - The Gateway city to Morocco and Africa. Bland is the main Tour Operator that offers good value day packages to Morocco at a cost between £50 and £80 from either Algeciras or Tarrifa. The price includes return Ferry ticket, free lunch, free taxi ride with a tour guide in Morocco, which is a bargain From Algeciras: You can catch a bus from the main bus station in La Linea de la Conception, which is just 5 minutes from Gibraltar. Alternatively, you can catch a Taxi from the main street opposite Gibraltar border. The taxi journey takes approximately 20 minutes and costs around 30 Euros, whereas the bus ride takes 50 minutes and only costs 2.5 Euros. Once at the port, a representative will give you the ferry tickets. The ferry to Ceuta (Spanish Enclave in the North of Morocco) takes approximately 50 minutes. From Tarrifa: If you booked a package trip from Tarrifa, You can catch a bus from the main bus station in La Linea de la Conception to Algeciras main port, then catch a free bus service to Tarrifa port, which is part of the package. Alternatively, a taxi journey takes approximately 50 minutes to Tarrifa, Once at the port, a representative will give you the ferry tickets. The fast ferries to Tangier takes approximately 30 minutes. Once you arrive in Tangier, tour guide will meet you and explain the journey itinerary (see next section for details of the trip).

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Trip Details In Morocco

From Ceuta: Once you arrive at the port of Ceuta, your friendly multilingual guide will meet you and take you on a mini-bus or taxi depending on the number of people in the trip. Then you will head to the border crossing with Morocco. The guide will take care of the passport control procedures. Once in Moroco, you will head to Tetouan through a very scenic drive. After a short break, you will head to Tangier and do a few sightseeing around the old city and then stop for a coffee in one of the popular cafe. then you will be driven back to Ceuta and the port to catch the ferry back to Algeciras. Although everything is included in the package, I recommend taking a few Euros to buy a few souvenirs and snacks. One thing to note is that the guide will tour you around the market and souvenir shops so traders will try and sell you everything they have, so don't feel obliged to buy anything if you are not interested! From Tangier: Once you arrive to the port of Tangier, which is at the center, your guide will meet you and take you on a mini-bus or taxi depending on the number of people. The guide will take you on a tour to Cap Spartel, the Hercules Cave, Kings palace, the Kasbah and point where Mediterranean and Atlantic Ocean intersects. You will then be taken for lunch at a Traditional Moroccan restaurant with a local band playing. Finally a tour around the old city, Local Markets and souvenir shops...again don't feel obliged to buy anything and just enjoy the experience! Finally, the guide will take you back to the port so you can catch the Ferry back to Tarrifa.

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