Newcastle City

Newcastle Upon Tyne is one of the most exciting cities in Britain. It is the eighth most populated urban area. It is named Newcastle because the city has an impressive one, which was built in 1080. The second part of its name comes from its proximity to the River Tyne...
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Angel of the North

One of the most iconic symbols associated with the region is the Angel of the North sculpture. Designed by Antony Gormely and constructed in 1998, it represents a symbol of resurgence and regeneration after the city after its decline as a manufacturing hub.
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Tyne Bridges

Seven bridges span the River Tyne in and around Newcastle, three of them famous internationally for the revolutionary approach to bridge building that they enshrined. The oldest is the High Level Bridge, a two-level steel structure almost 165 feet high and built to plans drawn up in 1849 by Robert Stephenson and opened by Queen Victoria. The Swing Bridge, designed by Sir W. G. Armstrong and opened in 1876, stands on the same site as the "Pons Aelius" fort built by the Romans.
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Newcastle Castle

North of Newcastle's High Level Bridge on St. Nicholas Street, the well-preserved Norman fortified tower bears testimony to the "New Castle" begun in 1080 and completed in 1172. The late Norman Chapel and the King's Chamber can be visited as you explore the castle's many old passages and medieval chambers. Along the way, you'll find fascinating displays of archaeological artifacts, while the tower offers excellent views over the city..
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Gateshead & the Millennium Bridge

Connected to Newcastle by seven bridges, including the Gateshead Millennium Bridge-a spectacularly designed pedestrian bridge that actually tilts to allow boat traffic through-Gateshead is well worth adding to your itinerary. The town is well known for its iconic architecture, which includes the spectacular Sage Gateshead, a center for musical education, performance, and conferences; the famous Angel of the North, a huge steel sculpture of an angel designed by Antony Gormley that stands 66 feet tall with wings measuring 177 feet across; and the lovely 55-acre Saltwell Park, popular for its pleasant walks through gardens and woods, along with its boating lake and visitor center.
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