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Hotels in England are a portal to a wide variety of cultural experiences that give insight into the best traditions and contemporary experiences that the UK has to offer..
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Scotland Hotels

Scotland boasts some of the best hotels in the UK with excellent customer service, and high ratings from our Quality Assurance scheme. Whether you fancy a romantic hotel getaway for two, a country hotel in lush Scottish surroundings, or central spot in the capital, there are all types of hotels in Scotland to choose from.

Northern Ireland Hotels

Eschewed by visitors for years, Northern Ireland has made a comeback following The Good Friday Agreement of 1998, a power-sharing contract seeking to promote peace. Since then, Ulster (as Northern Ireland is also known) has rebounded both economically and culturally and is one of the world's must-see destinations..

Wales Hotels

The smallest of mainland Britain's component countries, Wales offers many wonderful reasons to visit. The south includes cosmopolitan Cardiff, famous for its magnificent castle and a good base from which to begin exploring the rest of the country. With its splendid shopping arcades and many well-reserved historic buildings, it's a city with plenty of places to visit and things to do..

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